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Welcome to Kimilili Municipality
Kimilili Municipality Kimilili Municipality Kimilili Municipality
Municipal Buldings


Kimilili Municipality Status
Kimilili Municipality Status
Powers of the Municipality
Functions of the Municipality
Municipal Finances and Financial Management
Proposed Organogram

The town attained the municipal status on 24th May 2018 following the passage of the charter establishing municipalities by the County Assembly of Bungoma. The Town is a crucial gateway to the greater East African region through Uganda. It is the county’s center of agro-based activities.

The Urban Areas and Cities Act 2011 and (Amendment Act) 2019 and the Municipal Charter have established the requisite structure of governance and service delivery. There is a Municipal Board consisting of the Chairman and nine members. Municipal Manager and his staff are also in the offices.

Kimilili Municipality is headquartering for the Sub-County. It houses the Deputy County Commissioner and the Sub-County Administrators Offices.

 It is also home for several non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations e.g., Icfem, Omwabini, Ngazi Aid, CBSM among others.

 It is also home for many Churches including Christco Church Kimilili, Deliverance Church Kimilili, Friends Church Kimilili, St. Leo the Great Catholic Church, St, James ACK Church Kimilili, King Jesus Faith Church Kimilili, Kings Outreach Church Kimilili, Salvation Army Church Kimilili, Redeemed Gospel Church, Glory Center, Seventh Day Adventist, Dini Ya Musambwa, Bahai Church, African Devine Church among others. The Islamic Religion has also established Mosques e.g. Jamia Mosque, Mariqaz Mosque and Al Hijirah Mosque.

Several business enterprises have been attracted by the population and are offering wholesale and retail services.  There are several supermarkets in the town e.g. Riziki Supermarket, Ravin Supermarket and Sammart Supermarket. Basically, all the goods and services one would need are available in Kimilili town.

Financial institutions have also established their outlets to serve the growing businesses. The financial institutions include Cooperative Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank, Kenya Women Finance Trust and Faulu Bank,

The town is served by Shell oil Company, Pelton Petrol Station, Kipetro, Capital Petrol Station among others.

Powers of the Municipality

  1. The Municipality of Kimilili shall have all the powers, general and special, governmental or proprietary, expressed or implied, which may be possessed or assumed by municipalities under the Urban Areas and Cities Act, the County Government Act and the Municipal of Kimilili By-laws.
  2. No enumeration of specific powers in this Charter shall be held to be exclusive. All such powers shall be exercised in the manner prescribed in this Charter, or, if not prescribed herein, in such manner as Board of the Municipality may determine, or, unless a contrary intent appears in this Charter or in the By-laws and Resolutions of the Board of the Municipality, in such manner as may be provided by the Municipal of Kimilili By-laws.


The Municipality of Kimilili shall, within the boundaries of the Municipality, perform the following functions—

(a) Promotion, regulation and provision of refuse collection and solid waste management services; (b) Promotion and provision of water and sanitation services and infrastructure (in areas within the Municipality not served by the Water and Sanitation Provider);

(c) Construction and maintenance of urban roads and associated infrastructure;

(d) Construction and maintenance of storm drainage and flood controls;

(e) Construction and maintenance of walkways and other non-motorized transport infrastructure; (f) Construction and maintenance of recreational parks and green spaces;

(g) Construction and maintenance of street lighting;

(h) Construction, maintenance and regulation of traffic controls and parking facilities;

(i) Construction and maintenance of bus stands and taxi stands;

(j) Regulation of outdoor advertising;

(k) Construction, maintenance and regulation of municipal markets and abattoirs;

(l) Construction and maintenance of fire stations; provision of fire-fighting services, emergency preparedness and disaster management;

(m) Promotion, regulation and provision of municipal sports and cultural activities;

(n) Promotion, regulation and provision of animal control and welfare;

(o) Development and enforcement of municipal plans and development controls;

(p) Municipal administration services (including construction and maintenance of administrative offices); 4 Bungoma County Subsidiary Legislation, 2018

(q) Promoting and undertaking infrastructural development and services within municipality;

(r) Any other functions as may be delegated by the County Executive Committee.


Sources of the Municipality’s Funds and Revenue. The Board of the Municipality shall derive its revenue and funds from:

(a) monies allocated by the County Assembly for the purposes of the management and service delivery of the Board;

(b) monies or assets that may accrue to the Board in the course of the exercise of its powers or the performance of its functions;

(c) all monies or grants from any other legitimate source provided or donated to the Board;

(d) revenue arising from rates, fees, levies, charges and other revenue raising measures which is retained by Municipality for the purpose of defraying its costs for providing services;

(e) investment income; and

(f) borrowing.

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